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Getting Unshackled

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Jeff Miller – Founder/Owner

A favorite experience of ours is watching a client’s facial expression change as we start on a new project together.

Angst and concern turn into bright eyes of hope.

Uncertainty, tension & pressure give way to a “this can be done!” full-on ear-to-ear grin of internal excitement.

It never gets old. Whether it’s launching a new product, striving to reach unreasonable goals that have to be met, re-invigorating a stagnant sales channel, or overcoming the latest market beat-down… UnshackledMG gets it.

We Listen. We Understand. We Get Behind Your Passion, With You.

We have many tools in our bag – a full suite of Internet Marketing, Marketing Agency and Channel Sales services – but the key ingredient is always getting the heart-beat of your business down first before adding in our know-how, tools & expertise. Virtual or in person, I look forward to high-fives and smiles of success together should we get the opportunity to serve you.

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The market needs your product.  We’ll help you get it there, faster and custom fit to your budget.

Small/Med Business

Constrained and need to take it to the next level? We’ll help you break through.


Quota to hit? Objectives to nail? Business & Channel Development are our specialty.

Got Video?

Got Video? Great!

Getting more from video marketing is one of our favorites.  Video drives emotions, sparks interest, educates and entertains – all good ingredients for effective marketing. Whether you’re using video in an ad, Facebook post, Tweet or training session… moving your customer on to the NEXT STEP with ease is critical! UnshackledMG can help you get those responses directly from the video itself, and measure the engagement. UnshackledMG will help you get over the hump and answer your questions from video hosting, posting, management and getting the responses to your call-to-action.

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We’ll Guide You With…

Hosting is where your video is stored. Control over hosting is essential if you desire to manage your brand and where, when & how your video is played.
Getting the right message, at the right time, in front of the right people is essential in getting the right results.
One and done rarely works. Communicating your video message in various ways and multiple places is key.
Don’t leave customers hanging wondering what to do next, or nowhere to click. Get responses, directly from within the video.

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